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Forks High Mods
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Hey everyone, we're Kim and Rachael - known here on LJ as atoasterstrudel and freespirit08. We're the mods over at forks_high and this journal is where you can post questions for us to answer regarding the game and how it works!

Call me whatever variation of Kim you wish, but just don't call me old! I'm past the age of twenty-five and I'm the mother hen here at Forks High. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Real Job where I schmooze with lawyers all day. Outside of that my interests include colorful socks, baking, abusing my crock pot, and operating heavy machinery without a license.

I'm the sugary sweet mod here. ;) I'm nineteen and bleed orange and blue. I have golden eyes when outside, no lie, so that makes me very cool and am addicted to making smilies. I like long walks on the beach and am the president of the LPH fanclub, aka the La Push Hotties.


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